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Gillette Personal Care Division: Marketing Planning and Control
A Case Study

Gillette was founded in 1901 by King C. Gillette. It was a leading International Manufacturer of consumer products ranging from Electric razor to ballpoint pens.
Gillette has three divisions:

1. Safety Razors (Blades and Razors)

2. Paper mate Division (Writing Instruments)

3. Personal Care Division-PCD. (Hair Care , Skin care, Deodorants/ Anti-perspirants)

The Brands of Gillette are divided into four rough categories: Build, Hold, Harvest and Withdraw. Mennen and P&G are the major competitors for Gillette. Right Guard pioneered in United States with a unit Market Share of 26% in 1967. But Because of fluorocarbons scare burst by mid 1982 its market share was dropped down to 8.5%.White rain was a shampoo that was introduced in low price category in 1952,but it was phased out in late 1970.PCD division of Gillette decided to roll out new version of shampoo and conditioners in May 1985 and as soon as it was launched it was a resounding success.

Problem Statement:

* Ineffectiveness of Gillette’s planning and control system * Revitalization of Right guard brand to increase its market share * Finding ways to build upon the success of white rain to increase market share


Gillette’s Marketing Planning and Control System

Planning and control of system was too rigid and time consuming and it lacked central control mechanism. Even though it is followed it may not give the expected results, for example white rain was launched without completely following the system but still it was a resounding success. Gillette’s system was basically divided into two subsystems, Planning system and Control system.

Planning system consist of preparing Fact book in the month of...

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