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Throughout this essay the internationalization process will be examined in depth and supported by evidence from the organisation known as ‘British Petroleum’. The purpose of this assignment is to grasp a comprehensive understanding of the critical aspects of British Petroleum’s internationalization process, the implications it holds for the international business environment and achieving their internationalization objectives through contemporary context.

Overview of organisation

When discussing globalization it is critical to emphasis the importance a multinational corporation holds over the international business environment. A Multinational corporation (MNC) is an organisation that has registered facilities and assets in business endeavors in more than one country. MNC’s are highlighted for their success in incorporating products, ideas and cultures from more than one country in order to achieve a common goal. With reference to the definition of a MNC, British Petroleum (BP) is undoubtedly a MNC as it undergoes its business ventures throughout the entire world and in countries such as China, Australia, Canada and Mexico. A key aspect of MNC’s is to multi nationalize every aspect of your organisation when aiming to expand internationally, BP are successful in ensuring that every branch of BP around the world has the common sustainable goals. BP has a direct correlation in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). A FDI is when an organisation finances into production or business ventures in an external country to the one they are operating in. There are many forms of FDI, however, BP are directly investing through expanding their own operations in another country. This is clearly evident through operations that began close to hundred years ago in Australia. BP searched from crude oils and natural gases that Australia possesses in order to expand their...

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