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ORGANIZING THE POWER COMPANY “I do not believe in organization charts or position descriptions of any kind in this company,” declared Johnny Ramos, president and founder of the Power Company, manufacturer of men’s ready-to-wear (RTW) suits and jackets. “We are a successful and fast-rising company where I want all managers and labor to work as a team. Organization charts and descriptions make people believe they own position on a chart and want to keep it. We grew from a small company with P100,000 annual sales to a P5million enterprise because we pooled our resources, coming up with competitive products at low costs. We are not San Miguel Corporation with its complex organization charts.” Mr. Silang, the company comptroller, strongly defended the president, emphasizing that teamwork, not organization charts, is the key to success. Linda Ignacio, head of manufacturing, believed otherwise and declared the president’s view “absurd and unprogressive.” Ms. Ignacio said, “I could not run my department without organization charts and position descriptions. As a matter of fact, I have them hidden in my desk where Johnny Ramos never sees them!”

* Powerpoint Presentation * Submit also a hard copy. Short bondpaper, Comic Sans, Font size 12, single space

Format: 1. Objectives of the case 2.
I. Time context
II. View Point
III. Statement of the Problem
IV. Areas of consideration (4 areas)
V. Alternative courses of Action -possible answers to problem
1. Fire
Adv.: ____________
Disadv. : _________

2. Rehab
Adv.: ____________
Disadv. : _________

3. Jail
Adv.: ____________
Disadv. : _________

4. Rehab and jail
Adv.: ____________
Disadv. : _________

VI. Recommendation
(From alternative courses, the best answer usually came from advantages and…...

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