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Principles of

Seventh Edition


Jay Heizer
Jesse H. Jones Professor of Business Administration Texas Lutheran University

Barry Render
Charles Harwood Professor of Operations Management Crummer Graduate School of Business Rollins College


Prentice Hall

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458

About the Authors vi Foreword xx Preface xxi

PART i l l 1, Introduction to Operations Management 1 Operations and Productivity 1

Global Company Profile: Hard Rock Cafe 2 What Is Operations Management? 4 Organizing to Produce Goods and Services 4 Why Study OM? 4 What Operations Managers Do 7 How This Book Is Organized 7 The Heritage of Operations Management 8 Operations in the Service Sector 9 Differences between Goods and Services 10 Growth of Services 11 Service Pay 12 Exciting New Trends in Operations Management 12 The Productivity Challenge 14 Productivity Measurement 15 Productivity Variables 17 Productivity and the Service Sector 19 Ethics and Social Responsibility 20 Summary 20 • Key Terms 21 • Solved Problems 21 < Self-Test 22 • Internet and Student CD-ROM/DVD Exercises 22 • Discussion Questions 22 • Ethical Dilemma 23 • Problems 23 • Case Studies: National Air Express 24; Zychol Chemicals Corporation 25 • Video Case Study: Hard Rock Cafe: Operations Management in Services 25 • Additional Case Study 26 • Bibliography 26 • Internet Resources 26

Developing Missions and Strategies 34 Mission 34 Strategy 35 Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Operations 36 Competing on Differentiation 36 Competing on Cost 37 Competing on Response 37 Ten Strategic OM Decisions 39 Issues in Operations Strategy 42 Research 42 Preconditions 43 Dynamics 43 Strategy Development and Implementation 43 Critical Success Factors and Core Competencies 44 Build and Staff the Organization 46 Integrate OM with Other Activities 47 Global...

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