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Who are the Maori
Considered the indigenous culture of New Zealand have existed in New Zealand for 600 years
Successful hunters, farmers, & warriors
Refer to their homeland as “The Land of the Long White Cloud”
Make up 15% of New Zealand’s modern population
Current growing interest in this culture because of “Maori Ink”
Moko is a tattoo that represents the person’s identification as well as their rank, genealogy, tribal history, and eligibility.
Those worthy of a moko would go through the process when they hit puberty.
A mark of beauty or ferocity; used by warriors to attract tribal women.
If you’re not Maori then its just a tattoo, and wearing it “just for fun” is often considered offensive.
Men were allowed to have a full facial moko. Those of higher rank (chiefs and warriors) were usually the only ones who could afford it, but were also the only ones who held positions worthy of getting one.
Women traditionally only were allowed to be tattooed on their lips, around the chin, and sometimes the nostrils. The "epitome of Maori female beauty" was seen as a woman with full blue lips. Those who went without tattoos were seen as persons of “no social status.” Woman’s chin Moko:
Ready to marry and bear children
Now has speaking rights within extended family or tribe
Full leg:Demonstrates movement
Arm:Messages related to occupation
Warriors and chiefs wore it for battles as a form of intimidation for their enemies.Maori dancers perform rhythmically complex dances with stick instruments
Hmong Population (World):
China – 4,500,000 (estimate) Vietnam – 558,000 Laos – 316,000 Thailand – 124,000 Burma – 2,656
Western Countries United States – 260,000 France – 15,000 Australia – 1,860 Canada – 640 French Guyana – 1,800 Argentina – 250 New Zealand - 150 Germany – 70 * 1790-1860 A.D.: Many Hmong migrate out of China to Laos, Northern Vietnam, and Thailand * 1963-1975: The Vietnam War and the U.S. Secret Army in Laos * 1975: Hmong Refugees Move to Thailand * 1976 to Present Time: Hmong refugees move to the U.S., France, Australia, French Guyana, and Canada
Estimates are that 30,000-40,000 Hmong died during the duration of the Vietnam War in Laos .In June 1974, the last Air America plane and last U.S. military personnel left Laos. Over 40,000 North Vietnamese troops remained in Laos at this time to assist the Communist Pathet Lao.
The number of Hmong refugees admitted into U.S. from the Thailand refugee camps exceeded 10,000 in 1979 and reached a peak of about 27,000 in 1980 before decreasing to under 5,000 in 1981 and even less per year through mid-1980s
Around 15,000 Hmong refugees residing in Thailand were resettled in the U.S. from 2004-2007
Top 10 Hmong Populations by State 1. California – 91,224 2. Minnesota – 66,181 3. Wisconsin – 49,240 4. North Carolina - 10,864
5. Michigan – 5,924
Median Age of the Hmong Population in the U.S.: 20.4 Years compared to 37.0 years among the entire population of the United States
Average Hmong Household Size per occupied Housing Unit: 5.36 persons compared to 2.61 persons among the entire U.S. Population
In the Modern Era, a Hmong writing system wasn’t developed until the 1950s

The handshake may be a new concept to the traditional Hmong person, this is especially the case among women. Traditional Hmong usually do not shake hands with women. Many Hmong women feel embarrassed shaking the hands of a male. Traditionally, handshakes do not occur. Persons greet one another verbally. Holding hands too tightly during a handshake will embarrass Hmong women

Most traditional Hmong families do not enjoy hearing direct comments about their children, especially infants and babies. A comment such as "your child is cute" is not looked upon favorably. Many Hmong believe that if a bad spirit hears such comments, it might come and take the child's soul away.
Traditionally looking directly into the face of a Hmong person or making direct eye contact is considered to be rude and inappropriate.

Marshall McLuhan coined the term in the mid-1960’s to describe the revolutionary movement in society shifting its importance to the media in various forms.
I.E. TV, Internet, Radio, forms Social Media, etc.
Individual identity is the way we choose to express ourselves
The combination of beliefs, values, history, and language of a people.

Positives: cheaper and more diversity of items. One stop shop , n=match price guarentee
Negatives : buisnesses shut down around walmart, lower wages, made in china or other countries that don’t contribute to Canadian economy.

Globalization affects us all economically.
For example, most of our clothing is not made in Canada. We as a country rely on other countries such as China to make our items.
Much of our produce is imported from other countries.
Globalization has created international trading systems which provide us with a high standard of living.

Economic Globalization provides jobs and other things we need
Economic Globalization plays an important role in what we eat, drink, wear and buy
Poverty and harsh working conditions suffered by many in developing countries is largely responsible for the higher standard of living and availability of cheap goods we enjoy in the developed world

Economic globalization has led to increasing levels of economic interdependency ex. Depending on what is happening in somewhere like China, we may or may not be able to purchase certain things
Economic globalization has a drastic effect on the environment – especially due to the growing power of multinational corporations

The same clothing trends and styles can be found all over the world at the same time.
Consider the music we listen to, the same music can be found in many countries or simply downloaded. The same for the popular television shows we watch.
Music, fashion, movies and television are all influence from a variety of cultures.
As a result of multiculturalism, some cultures or their languages are lost.

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