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Adoption of Mobile Payment Systems in Ghana
Winfred Ofoe Larkotey#1, Prince Yaw Amoako*2, Ebenezer Afotey Laryea#3 , Ernest Dey#4

Institute of Computer Science, Valley View University Box AF 595, Ghana
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Valley View University Institute of Computer Science, Ghana
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Abstract— It may be said that no technology has increasingly

broadened faster around the globe reminiscent of the mobile payment systems. Mobile payment systems are being embraced in many countries but its growth remains slow in most African countries. According to [9], this is mainly due to the lack of legal frameworks, inefficient banking and telecommunication systems, absence of security instruments and high illiteracy levels. Mobile payment systems level the playing field, presenting the opportunity for developing countries to compete equally with developed countries [5]. Hence, there exists a potential impact on socio-economic development if developing countries can harness this technology. However, there is a scarcity of research on the factors that influence mobile phones adoption and usage among micro-enterprises. This research seeks to address this gap by investigating the factors that influence mobile payment systems adoption and usage among in the Ghanaian society. The theoretical model based on the technology acceptance model is used to analyse survey of the adoption and the use of these payment systems. The findings suggest that, first, individual businesses or day-to-day transactions with mobile payment systems, people are adopting this system in order to get their transaction done within a minimum time and also due to their perceived benefits obtained by these mobile payment systems. Second, the amount of benefits obtained tends to be partly prejudiced by the extent of mobile…...