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Mobile Banking Case Study

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1.1 Background of the study
In this competitive business environment technology has been the most influencing factor especially in banking industry. Currently majority of banks are running in the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for their banking transactions. According to molla (2005),” information and communications technologies (ICTs) have changed the way of conducting business transactions and meeting the growing demands of customers for most organizations”.
Now Technology has become gradually fundamental component in the competitive business environment of the financial service industry. Recent innovations in telecommunications have enabled the launch of new access methods for banking
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In Ethiopia this service has been introduce on October 25, 2012 ( banking services consist of things such as balance Enquiry, fund transfer among other services. The adoption of mobile banking has brought about changes in banking operations following the advancement of mobile Communication techniques and the collaboration with mobile service providers as a result, the mobile banking technology has become more conductive to individuals and banking sector.
Banks who apply mobile banking are relatively advantages by reducing operational cost of the bank and also maximize the satisfaction of customers need.
Like any other system, it had many challenges not only for the customers but also for the service providers, the service improved and became more effective but also user friendly as years went by, considering mobile phones continuous inventions provided a blend in platforms. According to Lee and Kim (2007) mobile banking services have managed to provide freedom of time along with cost savings to its users and room for market growth for the service providers.
The mobile phone menu and other extra up to date applications can now connect bank systems to the phone network, hence introduction to more user friendly interfaces. Consumers can now enjoy financial services anytime
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It permits its clients to accept data on: account balances of the customer; transactions on the customer's accounts Furthermore cash trade rates(currency exchange rate) The opportunity to use advanced technologies in service delivery have created challenges to developers of financial services; competitive advantage can be gained in form of costs reduction or customer satisfaction increase or lost investing in wrong technologies. In order to rise to the challenges service providers are even more interested to enhance their understanding of consumer behavior patterns (Salim khraim et al, 2011). Mobile banking has a long way to go as majority of customers prefer banking in the traditional ways (Ashta, 2010; Wang et al, 2003). Key question is why customers are not adopting mobile banking. Various factors may influence customers’ adoption of technology. There is a need, therefore, to understand users' acceptance and adoption of mobile banking and to identify the factors affecting their intentions to use mobile banking. This information can assist developers in the building of mobile banking systems that consumers want to use, or help them to discover why potential users avoid using the existing

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