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Mobile Technology and Social Networking in the Health Sector
Rapid technological advances have brought about a new twist of operation in the health segment. Mobile computing devices and other portable devices such as iPods and iPads have redefined the relationship between computers and human beings. These technological advances signify substantial evidence of departure from computational paradigms, which necessitated users to explicitly interact with computing systems to achieve the expected results. The health sector is also demonstrating its pursuit to be in tandem with the changing technology. By using advanced methods, which are not substitutes, but techniques to improve monitoring of patients health, the sector has demonstrated the efficiency of the use of technology to monitor patients’ status even while at home. This global integration of operations from different applications enables data sharing, via image, and voice outputs. According to Magal and Word (2011), patient monitoring is indispensable to any health facility. Several departments are equipped with electrical and computing devices that facilitate the monitoring of patient status. Not only are these facilities meant for use in the health centers, but also, technology has opened up other platforms through which patients can share their experiences with other patients of similar conditions, and monitor their health progress without the need of visiting health centers physically.
Comparison of Inpatient Monitoring and the Use of Mobile Devices
A survey carried out to determine the efficiency of the use of mobile devices to monitor patient’s health, revealed that; doctors were of the opinion that the use of health applications on mobile devices to monitor patient vital status, will cut down visits to health centers, and other medical facilities. Vital signs make up the most crucial…...