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Mobile Internet technology - Abstract: This paper narrates the latest trends which are creating ripples in the areas of Mobile Internet and how these technologies are changing the way we communicate and also the way we interact and retrieve information in real-time while on the move. And how these technologies enables us to connect with various Social Network groups and Special Interest Groups.

It is almost as if information has become ubiquitous and accessible at the touch of the button...slowly transforming our lives by enriching the user experience and making us part of a new digital world and a Digital Economy and as if it is making a citizen of a virtual digital world of which we are truly part of breaking out of all the physical, geographical and geopolitical boundaries and making us all part of that One World that we all truly belong to.

In the previous two decades, while Digital technology was going through its own Renaissance movement, a state has been only achieved now that various morphs of the Digital world can be truly seen and felt and we are experiencing it now everyday. Is this the Utopia we all have dreamt of? While the existence of the digital world has been felt in various forms to impact our day to day life in terms of providing us instance access to information, making a huge impact on our personal, business lives and on the economy as a whole- Will it ever be able to transform itself as a powerful platform or medium to influence and completely morph the socio-political structure that exists today which divides people on the basis of these fake and shallow physical boundaries based on country, geographic affiliations and country unions (EU). While it is important to record the fact that it did make a deep impact on the global economy in transforming it into an almost truly digital economy with no artificial boundaries between people; this underground movement has been a silent revolution that has been constantly transforming our lives in many ways unimaginable this far.

But what is the next big thing? How else can it transform the world the world that we live in. Can it solve some of the major political, economic, social and environmental crisis that we have today? How about the global recession?
This paper delves into these thoughts and presents in a crystal clear format some of these thoughts which are noticeably necessary for the present it is important to question, ponder and analyze further how this silent Digital Revolution has been making strides while making progress pillar to pillar - So what would be the final post - What else and What is the Next Big Thing is a Big Question here?

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