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TK Multimedia can provide well designed, quality web sites at reasonable prices. We can help you make a great presentation on the internet by using pre-designed templatesor creating a special custom design, expertly tailored to your company's needs. Custom designs can include anything from Flash animation, Javascript Rollovers, Dynamic HTML or any other features that you require.

An important part of company branding is the logo chosen to represent the company. All other communication should also reflect the image the company is trying to convey, whether it be icons on a web site, animation, a business card, a printed magazine or television commercial. TK Multimedia can design a logo for company branding, or icons that work with a company identity.

(Domain name registration and hosting costs are not included in the above rates)
Capture your precious memories in High-Definition Video & Photo with creative editing afterward and importation of your favorite music and photos. You need a videographer that you can trust – because video is the last thing you’ll be thinking of on your wedding day.

What do you get on the wedding day?
Your videographer will arrive two hours before the time of the ceremony. After set-up, some getting ready and behind the scenes footage will be shot. * Your DVD will be approx. 1 hour long and will have a menu (scene selection). * A short 2-5 minute highlights video for Facebook / Youtube / E-mail to guests. * Photo slideshow. * Behind the scenes – getting ready footage. * All footage taken on the day will be given to you, unedited, on tape. * Short messages from family and friends. * Full colour printed copies of your DVD with a graphics designed label. * Any other footage that you specify. * Background music

Our commitment to quality
We use 2x broadcast quality HD (High Definition) cameras with two cameramen to cover the full event. Sound quality is important, so we use both an ambient microphone and a sound feed from the venue’s public address system. Our videographers are also trained sound-technicians. Editing of sound and video takes place in a professional studio editing facility. We also allow for client input during the editing phase. Example: You may choose to only keep highlights of the sermon instead of the full length sermon.

Other Information
Your friendly camera operator will listen to your needs and will remain as unobtrusive as possible. You are free to duplicate your DVD for family members and friends etc

We are looking forward to working with you!

Other options:
1. Wedding music videos
2. Extra filming days / hours.
3. Blu-ray mastering

We also design artwork for print media and websites.

Our professional photographers will arrive on time to cover your event. We provide the edited photos on disc in high resolution for printing and advertising purposes, and low resolution ideal for use on your website. Additionally we may also supply an event highlights video. If we are also responsible for the video of the event, the photos are used in the video and for the graphic designing of the DVD or CD inlay, giving your product a unique and professional finis

Are you looking for a professional Slide Show / Presentation?

Ethics At Eyota Technology we believe when creativity, technology and marketing combine through strategic planning incredible results are achievable. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and business growth.

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