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To my children, Lemar, Sivan, and Aaron and my Nicolette
Avi Silberschatz

To my wife, Carla, and my children, Gwen, Owen, and Maddie
Peter Baer Galvin

To my wife, Pat, and our sons, Tom and Jay
Greg Gagne

Abraham Silberschatz is the Sidney J. Weinberg Professor & Chair of Computer Science at Yale University. Prior to joining Yale, he was the Vice President of the Information Sciences Research Center at Bell Laboratories. Prior to that, he held a chaired professorship in the Department of Computer Sciences at the
University of Texas at Austin.
Professor Silberschatz is an ACM Fellow and an IEEE Fellow. He received the 2002 IEEE Taylor L. Booth Education Award, the 1998 ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award, and the 1997 ACM SIGMOD Contribution
Award. In recognition of his outstanding level of innovation and technical excellence, he was awarded the Bell Laboratories President's Award for three different projects-the QTM Project (1998), the DataBlitz Project (1999), and the Netlnventory Project (2004).
Professor Silberschatz' writings have appeared in numerous ACM and
IEEE publications and other professional conferences and journals. He is a coauthor of the textbook Database System Concepts. He has also written Op-Ed articles for the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the Hartford Courant, among others.
Peter Baer Galvin is the chief technologist for Corporate Technologies
(, a computer facility reseller and integrator. Before that, Mr.
Galvin was the systems manager for Brown University's Computer Science
Department. He is also Sun columnist for ;login: magazine. Mr. Galvin has written articles for Byte and other magazines, and has written columns for
Sun World and SysAdmin magazines. As a consultant and trainer, he has given talks and taught tutorials on security and system administration worldwide.
Greg Gagne is chair of the…...

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...authoring: -is like web designing; it allows the user or developer to make or design a web page and make changes to that web page. 6. Mobile applications: -designed to run on cellphones, tablets, or other mobile devices. - Apple store, Google play, and Blackberry app world. 7. Cloud based applications: - Email, SkyDrive they provide fast responses and can even work offline Utility Software 1. Backup and Recovery programs: - It ensures that your data is always there even when or if the hardware crashes. 2. Anti-Virus programs: - Is used to detect or prevent viruses, hackers or malware that can cause permanent damage to your hard drive and release personal info. - Norton, Kaspersky, and McAfee are examples of antivirus software 3. File compression programs: - Helps save space and providing fast loading by compressing files together to make them smaller. WinZip is a type of file compressor 4. Troubleshooting and diagnostic tools: - A type of diagnostic tool is the DirectX diagnostic tool that presents info about the components and drivers installed on your system. OS Software 1. Desktop Operating Systems: - controls the hardware so that users and application can make use of it - Mac, Window, Linux are all operating systems 2. Windows: - 1st Brought up in 1985 - Bill gates the CEO. - One of the biggest OS worldwide now available on phones 3. MAC OSX: - Steve Jobs was the CEO until his death - Osx is designed to run on MAC 4.......

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