Mobile Phone Usages Among Colleges Students

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Barat Ali Sakhizada


This is to certify that the Project work entitled “Mobile phone usage and expectation among the college students” done by me “Ali madad” for degree of B.B.A. III, D.A.V. College, Sector 10, CHANDIGARH is not copied and is result of my own efforts.

Ali madad

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BBA 3rd Year



That is a great pleasure for me for the completing the research project on MOBILE PHONE USAGE AND EXPECTATION AMONG THE COLLEGE STUDENTS and finding information about one of the leading technology which has the greatest progress today.

I would like to thank the students of BBA final year in DAV College for answering the question in my questionnaire and assisting me for collecting of information.

I want to special thank from my project coach for the whole hearted co-operation to me about the way of research and collecting the data, this project would not complete without her co-operations.

I am thankful from all the DAV college staff particularly from my teachers for assisting me in fulfillment of BBA…...

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... cool, right? Statistics do not agree. The National Safety Council reports that driving while using cell phones leads to 1.1 million crashes each year. Nearly 330,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving and texting while driving causes a 400% increase in time spent with the eyes off the road. Does this sound safe? In spite of the warnings against it, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) people continue to use cell phones while driving. The 2011 National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) shows that at least 660,000 drivers use cell phones while driving. A study conducted by Students Against Drunk Driving and Liberty Mutual Insurance showed that 62% of high school-aged drivers use their phones while driving and 24% of those think it’s safe to do so. A quarter of teens admit they respond to text messages once or more every time they drive, while 10% of parents admit to the same practice. Just glancing at a text message takes your attention off the road for about five seconds and at 55mph that’s enough time to travel the length of a football field blindfolded. Think about it. Some people may say that they don’t text while driving, but they hold phone conversations while driving. Now, while they may feel safer because their eyes are on the road, the conversation itself causes the greatest distraction. Conversing—whether business or emotional—involves large chunks of......

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