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Mobile Security Threats

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We live in a digital era where communication, information sharing and even business transactions is exchanged on mobile devices such as laptop computers, palmtops, tablet computers, smartphones and cell phones. The new age group of young people have never known a life without a mobile device with internet capabilities. Mobile Devices are an integral part of personal and social lives it is only logical that users should have awareness of security during the use of mobile devices. Individuals and organisations have both been beneficiaries on the rapid expansion of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Inevitably however, these offerings by mobile devices also bring about security vulnerabilities which users in Thohoyandou are not aware of. According to Lookout principal security analyst Marc Rogers, 2013, following simple precautions like sticking to the Google Play Store can ensure the security of a mobile device. This is rather not always the case as hackers and crackers make use of trustful applications to distribute malware. This study intends to outline security vulnerabilities and deliver clear recommendations on essential security technologies and practices to help mobile device users in Thohoyandou. Correct misconceptions or myths in order to bring about changes in attitudes and usage behaviour.


The internet has transformed South Africa in just a drastic time, almost anything we see touch visualize is somehow connected to the internet. With systems that create, retrieve, process and manage information then distribute it across the world. We live in a digital era, where communication, information sharing and even business...

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