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Mobile Tech Advances in “Stealing My Privacy”

Mobile Technology has been around us all for some time now. It didn’t just show up in the last five to seven years. It made its debut into society as we know it far beyond that. Some may think that it showed up with the appearance of mobile phones. I mean, we all remember the amazing event that debuted a device that was to change our lives, change our way of thinking and morph our interactions with the world. I am speaking of the iPhone here. It was, in a word from the late Steve Jobs, “revolutionary”. There was so much that could be done with a 3.7” device in the palm of your hand: Email, Internet and Social Media, just to name a few. I pose the question, what about before this became a “thing”?
It is a fact that ten years ago, the Smartphone was in infancy, tablet computers as they are today did not exist, and most business was conducted in person or in ways that seem tedious today. The access to business information and applications through mobile devices has grown exponentially, and there is no sign that this will stop. Apple’s iPhone and iPad running iOS and smartphones running Google Android are dominating the mobile business market, due to their flexibility and ease-of-use (SwitchPay, 2014). However, just because it is simple and easy to use and implement doesn’t necessarily warrant its acceptance. There are several other countries abroad that have not adopted mobile tech as widely as the United States. Not because of the ability to do it or make it happen, but more so because of privacy concerns, culture clashing and government related issues. It seems as though the good old USA is only mildly concerned with the spoken and still remaining unspoken privacy piece of the matter. Technology acceptance research has tended to focus on instrumental beliefs such as perceived usefulness and perceived...

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