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Mobile Technology and Privacy

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Privacy and Culture: Comparative study of privacy issues with respect to mobile technology in India and America
Sreeranjani K Pattabiraman

The past decade has witnessed a huge shift in the development of mobile technology which has led to privacy issues, murmurings of which started surfacing only in recent years. A lot of research has been carried out by academicians on mobile technology and its impact on society. There have also been comparative studies on how privacy has changed for people over the years with the boom of social networking sites and smart phones. But, there has not been a substantial study or analysis conducted on how people's privacy has been directly affected by the ever-increasing population boom of mobile-phone users.
This comparative study analyzes the concept of privacy with respect to mobile surveillance and draws upon prior work in the field of mobile surveillance, ranging from popular press on government surveillance in India and USA and case studies in these two countries related to people’s view on privacy, to the works of ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union) in USA and Stop CMS (Central Monitoring System) in India. The study is built around the analysis and comparison of the issue of mobile surveillance in both the countries, how people dealt with this, and the role of culture in determining people’s view on privacy. It also proposes suggestions for how future research can be carried out in the field of mobile surveillance.
Privacy, surveillance, culture, mobile technology, society, ACLU, CMS
The widespread use of mobile phones in the past decades have led to various developments in the field of communication. There has been a lot of positive development in the field of communication in both developing and developed countries. But, at the same time there has also been negative impacts too. The…...

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