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Mobile Wireless Technologies

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Mobile and wireless technologies have evolved beyond recognition in today’s technology environment. The advent of mobile phones and similar devices has transformed business and social interactions, and Internet access no longer depends on a wired system such as a modem connected to a telephone landline, but rather, it can be achieved using a mobile enabled device whenever and wherever a mobile access point is available. Such access points or hot spots are now widely available in airports, hotels, educational institutions and other public buildings, and increasing numbers of wireless networks are being installed in commercial buildings and private homes. The term "wireless" refers, in the most basic and obvious sense, to communications sent without wires or cables. It is a broad term that encompasses all sorts of wireless technologies and devices, including cellular communications, networking between computers with wireless adapters, and wireless computer accessories.
Mobile technology extends computing and the Internet into the wireless medium, and

provides greater flexibility in communication, collaboration, and information sharing. Mobile

technology, which can support computing on the move using portable devices through wireless

networks (Varshney and Vetter, 2000; Malladi and Agrawal, 2002), has emerged as the next

wave in IT revolution. Mobile technology includes technological infrastructure for connectivity

such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Bluetooth, 3G, gG, and General Packet Radio

Service (GPRS) as well as mobile information appliances such as mobile phones, PDA, and

laptop computers (Varshney and Vetter, 2000; Perry et al., 2001; Nah et al., 2005). Wireless technologies have driven the evolution of the mobile business. Faced with increasing pressures

on productivity, multinational...

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