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Texting vs. Calling
In: Computers and Technology
Texting vs. Calling
Years ago making a phone call on the cellular phone was huge advancement for communication, now today texting has become the main form of communicating. In 1973 Martin Cooper created the first portable phone 800 MHz prototypes that could be used outside the home and the car, before the only portable phones were in cars. It weighed about 2.5 lb. and the battery life lasted for about 20 minutes. According to, Cooper is considered the inventor of the first handheld cellular phone and the first person to make a phone call in public on a handheld cell phone. In 1977 cell phones went public. Chicago was the first city to trial cell phones with 2000 customers. Over the years as cellphones became smaller, lighter, and a longer battery life- they have also added new features to expand the way we communicate with others.
The new cellphones today, a person can do more than just make phone calls- they can also text, IM (instant message), send emails, and Skype. The two most common forms of communicated though are making a phone call and texting. So texting or calling, which one is more helpful and convenient?
Texting or SMS (short message service) is when a person types a short message on the cellular device to another person. Sending a text message is convenient because it is a faster way to get in touch with someone. I know a lot of people who do not even their phones, but would respond to a text immediately. Texting is more private. When a person is in a public place, like a library, they will not disturb other and no one would know what his or her conversation is about. An individual can also send a picture through a text. For example, instead...

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