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Environmental Concerns would be the Highways, Water, Endangered Species, and archeological site.

While convoying make sure the vehicles that we use are PMCS and meet the weight requirement to the route that we will be traveling. Once arrived make sure no equipment has been staged by and Archeological sites or on the two endangered species area.

Mission Related.

While conducting the FTX have the rules of what to do in just in case for:

Vehicle Leak on land and in water
Proper Shower facilities are placed in right areas to keep contaminating the Wetland
Map layout of Boundaries’ to every platoon.
Numbers to call the proper authorities.
Identify what pyro you will be using and to handle them.

The best ways to keep track of this through a Risk Management Work sheet day by day. The more you drive certain route you will change the terrain.

1. List the five Components of Fitness.
A: CR Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition

2. There are seven recognized Principles of Exercise; List at least five of them.
A Regularity, Progression, Balance, Variety, Specificity, Recovery, and Overload

3. You are designing a fitness program for your Soldiers; list the Three Phases of Conditioning that you must consider
A: Preparatory, Conditioning and Maintance

4. When we analyze our wartime mission, we must keep in mind the physical demands of our daily activities and functions. This is done by following the Seven-Step Planning Process. List in order the Seven-Step Planning Process.
A: Analyzing the mission, Developing fitness objectives, Assessing the unit, Determining training requirements, Developing fitness tasks, Developing a training schedule, Conducting and evaluating training

5. List the three groups of Soldiers that may require a Special PT Program.
A: PT Failures, Those overweight, or have a…...

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