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Professional communication is the ability to successfully utilize several forms of speaking, listening, writing, questioning and answering. Professional communication can happen in and out of the workplace as well as in an educational setting. When utilizing professional communication a person is able to be more effective both professionally and in school. You have to listen with an open mind, evaluate the information you receive as well as ask clear and direct questions. These strategies for allow you to better understand the content of the communication as well as show your understanding. While using professional communication you should always focus on the information you’re receiving without allowing distractions and your own personal opinions to interfere with the content, even if you don’t fully agree with the person speaking. When speaking while using professional communication you should determine who your target audience is. This will allow you to determine the strategies you should use, the proper words depending on the group’s age and previous understanding of the content. It will also allow you to have the proper tone, speech and content to present to your audience so that they have a better understanding of your topic.
Unprofessional communication is the exact opposite of professional communication. It’s the inability to successfully utilize the several forms of communication. It can happen both in and out of the workplace as well as at school. I personally consider unprofessional communication as a lack of respect for your audience or the person you’re communicating with. Characteristics of unprofessional communication can include not paying attention to the person speaking, using disruptive questions that are not related to the topic, not making eye contact, failing to be open minded or ignoring the content of the information because it doesn’t...

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