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Module Title: Career Interventions: Beyond the One to One

1. Aims of Career Interventions: Beyond the One to One

This module will enable you to:

1. To enable students to develop a level of competence in workshop facilitation necessary for professional practice and a critical understanding of relevant theoretical approaches. 2. To understand how to plan for and design a career learning programme within an educational institution , training or guidance organisation and evaluate good practice 3. To enable students to develop an awareness of the online tools available to use within career coaching practice, how to critically evaluate their effectiveness and an understanding of the learning theories as applied to online interventions


To enable the achievement of learning outcomes we offer the following:

* Teaching sessions/ seminars * On-line learning through Moodle * Undertaking independent study and group work * Practice days with a range of clients

Main Topics of Study

1 Delivery of group work in the guidance context, including competing theoretical approaches and skills and methods required for competent workshop facilitation in career coaching

2 Group theories including group dynamics, peer to peer coaching and learning and teaching theories

3 Career Learning Theory & frameworks and their relevance to development of learning programmes in educational and other career coaching contexts.

4 Critical understanding of approaches to evaluation of careers learning programmes.

5 Critical review of contemporary approaches to using ICT within career learning Programmes and online learning theories.

4. Timetable: Sem. A 2012-13: 10 am start | | Tutor | Room | 26th September...

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