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The Model T was more than just an ordinary car. It made history and that’s what changed the world forever. The man that was behind this amazing concept was Henry Ford. He was a revolutionary businessman that believed in his self and often quoted, “I will build a motorcar for the great multitude.” Ford had brilliant ideas with different techniques that transformed millions of people still to this day. Ford impacted America in three major ways the assembly lines, workforce and economic growth. In 1908 he moved his assembly line to the Piquette Avenue Plant located in Highland Park, Michigan. The first production assembled at this plant was the Model T vehicles. Through interchangeable parts, standard manufacturing and a division labor, the demand greatly increased for the Model T vehicle. Ford ran into a problem, the production of these cars took 12 hour and 8 minutes. He quickly turned that time around because of high demands and it only took 1 hour and 33 minutes for production. Ford was known as the man who put the world on wheels. He produced more cars than any other manufacturing combined together. It forever changed our automotive workforce. Ford discussed his innovation techniques which were to share his profit with the workers and pay them five dollars a day. He knew this would double the wage of any other manufacturing company and everyone would want to work for him. Ford reduced a typical workday of nine hours to eight hours to create three different shifts. This allowed for the Model T vehicle to be produced every twenty four seconds. It immediately became a success however, this did not only help Ford business it helped established the middle class as well.
Ford and the motor car industry had a huge economic impact upon America. In 1908 the Model T hit the market for eight hundred and fifty dollars which was too expensive for the average person to buy. Therefore, the price dropped to two hundred and sixty dollars making it affordable not only to the wealthy but to the middle class as well. Within the first year over 10,000 Model T’s vehicles was sold and the car industry expanded. This was the answer that Ford and the consumers were looking for. It ultimately became the most wanted product among many consumers.


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