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26 February 2013 Model A improvements and influence on history over the Model T
The Ford Model A was a upgrade to the Model t that soon became very popular. During the 1920’s there was many other car manufacturers , but Ford was the most popular and affordable to the people. Henry Ford produced many cars, but had two very popular models, these being the Model T and the Model A. Both models made by Ford were very prominent and affordable, and made for mass production to fulfill the needs of our growing society. The Model T was a admirable car during its production, but soon owners realized that it had a few flaws. Henry ford saw these small issues and decided to resolved them with a upgrade, with the new Model A. Henry Ford’s many new improvements made the Model A a great advancement compared to the Model T for the Ford company in the automobile industry. The Model A was a great improvement and influence to car history and the advancements we have today in our society.
The Model T was a great automobile introduction to the United States, a mass produced car with lots of new interesting specs. The Model T had many new features to a car that many Americans had not seen in automobiles. For example the Model T had a four cylinder, with detachable cylinder heads for easy access and repair (“Model T.” Encyclopedia Britannica). Although when the Ford Model T was introduced there was no paved roads and was very rural compared to today. During the start of production the Model T was available in grey, green, blue, and red although Henry later changed it to an all black colour rule (“Model T.” Encyclopedia Britannica). Henry Ford produced fourteen different body styles for the Model T along the years of production. During the Model T’s early years the standard 4-seat open tourer became very popular, while there were many other versions this was the most bought (“Model T.” Encyclopedia Britannica). Henry Ford made a great intro with the Model T, with its new and interesting made it become a popular and historical car.
While Henry Ford’s Model T was a great new introduction to massed produced cars, Ford made a great improvement in introducing the Model A of 1927. The Model A had many new features that the Model T of previous years lacked. For example the Model A had a four cylinder engine, that developed 40 horsepower. and reached top speeds of 40-45 mph (“On The Move”). Henry Ford produced thirty different body styles for the Model A along the years of production. The most popular and purchased models were the 1929 Standard Coupe, 1929 Tudor, and the 1931 Victoria Coupe (“On The Move”). As a new addition Henry Ford added the addition for accessories on your Model A, for instance you could have a detachable fabric trunk, rear luggage rack, radiator stone guard, and side mounted spare tires (“On The Move”). Although Henry Ford many new improvements to the Model T by introducing the Model a he never reached the amount of sales or popularity that the Model T gained. For example the Model A had mechanical features that the Model T lacked; a three-speed, sliding-gear transmission, four wheel brake system, and hydraulic shock absorbers (“On The Move”). The Model a was a great improvement to the Model T and withstanded great sales throughout its production.
Throughout history Henry Ford strongly believed in mass production of automobiles and made many sales through this way of marketing. Contrary to popular belief, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile nor the idea of mass production (“Model T: The Car for the Masses”). During this time there were over fifty different car manufactures in America alone. And the idea of developing automobiles spread rapidly. Before Henry Ford automobiles cars were expensive, this was because of the hand craftsmanship and were usually only available for the rich. Henry Ford had the simple idea of giving society affordable and reliable cars, so thats just what he did. With the start of mass production of the Model T, Henry Ford was able to get his product out to a greater majority of people. By the end of World War 1, the Ford Model T represented nearly half the cars on earth (“Model T: The Car for the Masses”). The Model T had great success in America and around the world, it was being produced all over the world reaching new people, while providing transportation to not just the rich population of people. With Henry Ford’s great mindset on what he wanted to deliver to the people with the Model T he managed to achieve many new high achievements in the automobile industry. For example Henry Ford sold more than eleven thousand cars from 1908 to 1909 which raised a gruesome eleven million dollars (“Model T: Car for the Masses”). The Model T was a very successful car that was more available to a greater majority of people and raised the standards of the the automobile industry.
The Model T was very popular but soon died out and competitors catched on to crucial aspects of Ford’s strategies so a new idea had to be introduced. The Model T was a great car that had many new features at the time of its introduction, but now these features became outdated and then came the new Ford Model A. The Ford Model A debuted in Ford showrooms on December 2, 1927 (“On The Move”). Many people were eager to see the improvement that Henry had come up with compared to the Model T. Once released to the public the Model A’s new improvements over the Model T which one people over and soon became very popular. In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, the Ford Model A was one of the most publicized and best selling cars in America (“On The Move”). The Model A made great sales and was an overall improvement to the Model T in features and also in sales. These improvements made the Model A society's new favorite automobile to have. Although there were many other strong automobile companies, like General Motors, Ford managed to stay on top, and lead the automobile industry with a affordable and reliable car. The popularity of the Model a was tremendous for example, The production of the Model A by Ford was at an alltime high in 1930 at 1,261,053 cars being sold that year alone (“On The Move”). While the Model T had set new standards in the automobile industry in the past, the Model A had reached a total new level of popularity and sales.
The Model A was a great improvement to the Model T in all aspects, sales, features, records, and performance. Although the Model T was a game changer for the automobile industry when it was first introduced in 1908. The Model A’s introduction to society over the Model T showed america and the world, the great improvements that Henry ford put into effect over the Model T. For example while Henry Ford’s Model T had a good engine that produced twenty horsepower, the Model A came with an improvment of being able to produce double that, with an engine generating forty horsepower (“Model T; History”). While the Model T had the first great impact to society by being introduced first, Henry Ford capitalized on his mistakes and made great improvements with the introduction of the Model A. The Model A came with many new mechanical improvements and new capable features which helped it become very popular during its time and gain extraordinary sales. For example, the Model A had mechanical features that the Model T lacked; a three speed sliding gear transmission, four wheel brake system, and hydraulic shock absorbers (“On The Move”). Henry Ford made well thought out improvements over the Model T which translated to great sales and popularity in society all around the world. Overall the Model A was a sporty, attractive, well-built, and smooth running automobile compared to the Model T (“On The Move”). While the Model T had its prime time in history and a great impact and change on society the Model A was a great improvement, and also changed the automobile industry forever.
In conclusion the Model A was a great advancement for Henry Ford and the Ford company over the previous Model T. With the introduction of the Model T, Henry Ford made history and broke sales records, but soon Henry Ford topped all of them with the introduction of his new Model A. The Model A became extremely popular with Americans and people around the world. The Model A’s improvements over the previous Model T, caught on quickly to the developing society at the time. Henry Ford’s ideas and improvements changed the automobile industry then and now, with its advancements in production and automotive power, which has now made Ford one of the biggest automotive companies in the world. Henry Ford and his innovative ideas ultimately changed the way we advanced to the cars and transportation that we have in today's society, not just in the United States but around the world. The Model A was a great improvement and influence to car history and the advancements we have today in our society.

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