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Model Marriage
A Marriage Counselling Handbook by Dag Heward-Mills
Copyright 2005 Dag Heward-Mills
E mail Dag Heward-Mills
Find out more about Dag Heward-Mills at: Unless otherwise stated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Version of the Bible

Section 1 – THE BELOVEDS
1. The Beloveds
2. The Official Recognition of Your Relationship by the Church
3. Counselling the Beloveds
4. Definition of Marriage
5. Biblical Reasons for Marriage
6. The God-Type of Marriage
7. The Christian Home
8. Love in Marriage
9. Communication in Marriage
10. Faithfulness and Unfaithfulness in Marriage
Section 4 – THE DUTIES
11. Duties of the Husband
12. Duties of the Wife

13. The Total Wife
14. Home Keeping and House Helps
15. Principles of Finance in Marriage
16. Introduction to the Temperaments
17. What it means to have a Sanguine Husband or Wife
18. What it means to have a Choleric Husband or Wife
19. What it means to have a Melancholic Husband or Wife
20. What it means to have a Phlegmatic Husband or Wife
21. Problem-Solving in Marriage
22 In-Laws
23. The Step Home
24. What Every Christian Should Know about Divorce
25. The Key of Acceptance
Section 8 – THE HUMAN BODY
26. Understanding the Human Body through Pictures
27. Family Planning Methods
28. Introduction to Sexual Happiness
29. The Wedding Night
30. The Honeymoon
31. Pleasurable Sex
32. Dutiful Sex
33. Exciting Sex
34. Orgasm
35. Common Fears about Sex
36. Sex for Reproduction
37. Grey Areas on Sex...

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