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Modeling, Visualization, and Assessment

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Modeling, Visualization, and Assessment Modeling, visualization, and assessment are three tools that when incorporated properly, can make any classroom successful. Visualization is now being used in several careers. Disciplines such as mechanical design and architecture have traditional utilized drawings such as plans, sections, and elevations as the primary medium for design communication as well as documentation (Guidera, 2010). Highway design engineers now use visualization as an opportunity to improve the entire planning, design, and construction process for all types of projects, big and small, and from start to finish (Taylor, & Moler, 2010). The following sections will discuss incorporating modeling activities, creative ways to use visualization tools, technologies for assessing student progress, and difficulties expected with the incorporation of modeling, visualization, and assessment.
Incorporating Modeling Activities Modeling activities can be tailored to fit any classroom situation. There are several things to keep in mind when using or creating modeling activities for instruction. One thing to keep in mind is that the activity is should be interactive. The modeling should also provide opportunities for them to experiment with the model or modify. The second thing to keep in mind is that the purpose of using a model is to help bridge the gap between observations and the real world. The final thing to keep in mind is that modeling can introduce students to important terms as well as provide a setting to explore related methods. Since the content area I teach is business, management, and administration, I could work with my students on business modeling techniques. One area that we can model would be mapping an organizations hierarchy. This would provide a visual and help students understand how organizations are managed. This model would...

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