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In today's modern era, everybody does research before buying a product. Research is done whether it is a minor product like corn flakes to a major product like buying a car. Research which is mostly done on the Internet has transformed our spending habits. We use the internet to decide what to buy, when to buy, where to buy it from, and we use it to compare prices as well. Previously, consumers would see the advertisement and go to stores to find more about the product but with the advent of internet, consumers after watching the internet do more research on the product rather than going directly to the store. The moment consumers start researching about a product on their laptop or smart phone this is where the zero moment of truth begins. There are different ways of doing a research which include reading reviews, using social network and discuss about a brand, or follow a blog. Companies who are aware of this use this as a advantage and try to improve the reputation of their brand on the internet. In 2006, I decided to buy a dell desktop for personal use. I kept using it till its usage life got over. Then in 2008 I decided to buy another desktop and I got the same dell desktop again. But in 2013, when I wanted to a buy a new desktop, I just did not simply buy the same desktop again. This time I went online and compared different desktops. I saw the features of different desktops and did a cost benefit analysis. I used my facebook account to ask my friends which desktop would they buy if they were given a choice. I read different blogs to make sure the decision which I was making was correct. Once I made my mind I went to the best buy website and purchased the desktop. Unlike my previous purchases, I did not go to the store to make a purchase. Rather I did my own research and purchased the desktop without using the help of a salesperson. The most common...

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