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Modern Business Methods

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Contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Vision, Mission and objectives of this corporation 2 2 Theoretical understanding of Human resource function 3 2.1 What is Human Resource Management? 3 2.2 What is Human resource Department? 4 2.3 Human Resource specialist Vs. Human Resource Generalist 4 2.4 Job Design 5 Importance of Job Design 5 2.5 Job Analysis 6 2.6 Human Resource Planning 7 2.7 Recruitment 8 2.8 Selection 9 2.9 Hiring and Induction. 10 2.10 Performance Elevations. 12 2.11 Reward Management 13 2.12 Training and Development 14 2.13 Employee welfare Management 15 2.14 Employee Movements 16 2.15 Employee Discipline Management 18 2.16 Labor Management Relations 19 3 Human resource practice in selected organization. 20 3.1 Job Design 20 3.2 Job Analyze 20 3.3 Human Resource planning 21 3.4 Recruitment 22 3.5 Selection 22 3.6 Hiring and Induction 23 3.7 Performance elevation 24 3.8 Reward Management. 24 3.9 Training and Development 25 3.10 Employee welfare Management. 25 3.11 Employee Movements 26 3.12 Labor Management Relations. 26 4 Comments on Theory and Practice. 27 4.1 Job design, 27 4.2 Job analyze 27 4.3 Human resource planning. 27 4.4 Recruitment 27 4.5 Selection 27 4.6 Hiring and induction 27 4.7 Performance Elevation 28 4.8 Reward Management 28 4.9 Training and development 28 4.10 Employee welfare managements 28 4.11 Employee Movements 28 4.12 Employee Discipline Management 28 4.13 Labor Management relations 28 5 Conclusion 29 6 References 30

According to given assignment I selected a government cooperation which is related to “Construction Field” Name of the construction company is Sri lanka land reclamation and Development corporation .An introduction about this corporation have been given below,

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