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Are modern-day cartoons getting degraded?
Chapter 2: Literature review Nobody will deny the fact that modern-day cartoons make big influence on children all over the world. It is a grave issue which affects all the members of the society. Basically, this problem starts from parents, who don’t spend their free time with children and don’t pay attention on children’s growing stage. Parents should follow their children; a child needs to feel love of parents, their attention and presence. Amy and Cantor (2000) maintain that if parents do not attract attention to their children, later children will not very fun to love historically and began to beat, pinching other people, imitating the heroes in the cartoons. Parents, teachers, psychologists ask themselves whether it is dangerous for the emerging modern cartoons for child's psyche or not? What is the best choice for child: foreign or domestic cartoons? Is it necessary to let the kids watch cartoon, whether they are useful or not? Cartoons are loved by kids of all ages not by chance. On the one hand cartoons are bright, spectacular, and imaginative and on the other hand are simple, unobtrusive, and similar in their developmental, educational opportunities tale game, live human communication. Characters of animated films exhibit a variety how to interact with the outside world for child. They form the baby primary notions of good and evil, the standards of good and bad behavior. By comparing themselves with their favorite characters child can learn to positively perceive themselves to cope with their fears and difficulties, to respect others. Events which are taking place in the cartoon, allow crumbs to raise awareness and develop its thinking and imagination, to form his worldview. Thus, the cartoon - is an effective means of educating the child. Unfortunately, many broadcast cartoons today constructed...

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