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Modern Day Pychology

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Quarter: Spring 2013
Meeting Days/Time: Tuesday’s, 5:45, Prince George’s Campus
Instructor: Jason Powers
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|4/8/2013 |Term Start Date |
| | | | |
|Week 1 | |Week 7 | |
| |4/9/2013 | |5/21/2013 |
|Week 2 | |Week 8 | |
| |4/16/2013 | |5/28/2013 |
|Week 3 | |Week 9 | |
| |4/23/2013 | |6/4/2013 |
|Week 4 | |Week 10 | |
| |4/30/2013 | |6/11/2013 |
|Week 5 | |Week 11 | |
| |5/7/2013 | |6/18/2013 |
|Week 6 | |...

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