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Trace the "road to independence" that occurred in the British North American colonies from
1763 through 1783. Why did tensions arise between the British and the colonists beginning in
1763? What key events hardened British-colonist relations during this period? Why would it be incorrect to suggest that the War for Independence brought sociopolitical freedom to all people living east of the Mississippi River?

The road to independence began in 1763 at the end of the French and Indian War and ended in 1783 with the end of the American Revolution. The British fought the French and Indian war to rid of the tension build up in North America. A war that was fought to end the tension under French control led to unforeseen tension between the British and the colonists and eventually lead to freedom in the states.

end of fre war – debt, and the british expected colonist to pay; tension built up; and lead to declarion in 76 and because of all these we have the right to declare ourselves independence -already had governemtn

*don’t write about constitution

1) social issues
-tension build up because they are liking Indians more and because of damage from the war
-proclamation of 1763 (forbade settlers from moving past a line drawn in the Appalachians mountains, the point was the accommodate natives) which gave more right to natives;
-ignoring the rights of American citizens;
- recovery from war expenses; takes it on Americas
-Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” (document4-10)

**2) political tensions
-across seas imposing laws
-stamp act (imposed direct tax on colonists) and protest (documents4-4,4-5)
-intolerable act (series of laws as punishment after boston tea party)

3) war of ind- all still geared towards white property owners; not freedom to everyone
- war for ind- elite in America declare ind form britian but didn’t’ give freedom to all people…...

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