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Postmodernism Meaningful Paragraph (MP)

CUR 701

Use information from the text to write a meaningful paragraph that addresses the basic principles of postmodernism as a philosophy of education. For the word set below, discard two of the choices. Then, include the five remaining terms and/or philosophers in the meaningful paragraph. Underline the terms/philosophers within the paragraph. The paragraph must contain at least three sentences. The paragraph must have a clear topic sentence and other sentences providing details that support the topic. The paragraph must show that you understand the terms/philosophers and can write about them in a meaningful way by showing the relationships between them. The terms/philosophers are listed in alphabetical order. You may use them in any order to write the paragraph. Also, the form of a word may be changed. For example, you may use the term curricular rather than curriculum.        critical pedagogy curriculum empowerment Henry Giroux metanarrative Peter McLaren transformative intellectuals

Scoring Guide You will be awarded the grades that most closely describe your responses to the assignments. A+, A, A- (19 – 20) Accurate, clearly explained, insightful, well developed Professional writing style with well-constructed sentences and well-organized paragraphs Correct length Almost no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors B+, B, B- (17 – 18): Most is accurate, clearly explained, insightful, well developed Professional writing style. Most sentences are well-constructed and paragraphs are adequately organized. Correct length A few grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation errors C+, C, C- (15 – 16): Much is inaccurate, many lapses in clarity and/or development of content Lacks insight
Non-professional writing style; many poorly constructed sentences and disorganization in paragraphs


Incorrect length, either too short or too long Several grammatical, spelling, and/or punctuation errors D+, D, D- (13 – 14) Content is inaccurate, unclear, under-developed, lacks insight Many instances of disorganization Non-professional writing style; many poorly constructed sentences and disorganized paragraphs Incorrect length, either too short or too long Errors in grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation sprinkled throughout


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