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Modifying Administrative System

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Before you begin


Topic 1: Plan for the new or modified administrative system


1A Identify the requirements of the administrative system
1B Obtain quotations from the suppliers/developers of systems
1C Select a system supplier or developer
Learning checkpoint 1: Plan for the new or modified administrative system

Topic 2: Implement the new or modified administrative system


2A Identify and develop implementation strategies
2B Encourage staff to participate in the implementation process
2C Implement the system
2D Define and communicate procedures for using the system
2E Provide training and support on the use of the system
2F Deal with contingencies to ensure minimal impact on users
Learning checkpoint 2 : Implement the new or modified administrative system

Topic 3: Monitor the administrative system


3A Monitor the system’s use, security and output
3B Modify the system to meet changing needs
3C Identify further modifications and notify users
3D Monitor staff training needs 
Learning checkpoint 3: Monitor the administrative system

Final assessment


Assessment information and scope
Are you ready for assessment?
Final assessment overview
Assessment plan
Final assessment tasks
Record of outcome


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Before you begin
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