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Introduction to Networking


Credit hours: 4.5
Contact/Instructional hours: 56 (34 Theory, 22 Lab)
Prerequisite: NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic or equivalent

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Introduction to Networking


This course serves as a foundation for the study of computer networking technologies. Concepts in data communications, such as signaling, coding and decoding, multiplexing, circuit switching and packet switching, OSI and TCP/IP models, LAN/WAN protocols, network devices and their functions, topologies and capabilities are discussed. Industry standards and the development of networking technologies are surveyed in conjunction with a basic awareness of software and hardware components used in typical networking and internetworking environments. MAJOR INSTRUCTIONAL AREAS
1. Networking fundamentals
2. The OSI model and its use in networking
3. LANs, WANs, MANs and their implementation
4. Physical layer fundamentals
5. Basics of the data link layer
6. The functions of TCP/IP
7. IP addressing, subnetting, and supernetting
8. Diagramming the physical components that comprise a network
9. Logic created by the interconnectivity of network components
10. Applying network security
11. Future developments in networking


Explain key networking concepts and terminology.


Identify the advances in computer networking from an historical perspective.


Describe the OSI and TCP/IP models and their network impact.


Classify networks based on methodology and functional application.

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Introduction to Networking



Identify the necessary components of a network from both...

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