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Cold Shots Campus Challenge

The Molson Company has decided to follow popular marketing trends and enter the social media space. The company attempted to create a contest on Facebook to see which school was the largest party school in Canada. With this initiative set in place, many students posted public images of themselves drinking irresponsibly. Many students and administrators of the universities involved were outraged at the perceptions that the contest portrayed. The immense criticism caused Molson to abruptly end the contest and issue a public apology. The company is now looking to see if it made the correct decision.
The Molson Company is new to social media marketing. As with many new methods, there is a learning curve that needs to be cleared. In one of its first runs at the marketing technique, the company ran into hurdles in what it considered a fun contest. While Molson was able to target its main demographic in this contest, I believe they tried to portray their perceptions rather than their own core beliefs. Almost all that opposed the contest believed that it promoted irresponsible behavior that shed a negative light on all participants. This is in spite of the fact that Molson Canada believes in drinking responsibly.
For now, I would advise Molson to keep a low profile and perform damage control. The contest has brought on much unwanted attention from those who did not want to associate with the recklessness it portrayed. With a few discounts and promotions within the next few months, the consumers should be purchasing Molson again. After all, much of the alienated population is students. While some may remain steadfast, most should be swayed by the lower prices. Lower attention spans and a student budget should be enough to have some return to the company.
Once much of the negative attention has passed, the company should take another shot...

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