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My Moment of Failure My moment of failure was learning to drive. Learning to drive was both fun and nerve racking. I always wanted to drive; I knew to get anywhere I would need to learn to drive.

Of course I knew ''everything'' and found out I didn't. Mom let me practice up at the Lafollette Middle School parking lot (I fussed the whole time about it) I was going around in circles in the back parking lot and learning to park. Before we went home she wanted me to park beside the fence line and back up, well, there was a pole on my side so I was trying to watch the pole, not paying attention to moms side. I ran into the chain linked fence. Running into that fence was pretty much an embarrassing and scary moment!

Finally, getting to drive we was going up a steep mountain and I was going around a curve and there was another car speeding down my way. When realizing I needed to ''stop'', How? I needed brakes. Where are the brakes? I then realized I didn't know enough about the pedals in the floor board. Maybe going up a mountain the first time you drive was not the best idea.

Learning from mom was not a good idea either. She gave bad directions or maybe I didn't understand what she was saying. She would tell me to go one way and I wasn't real sure what way she meant. I wasn't in her head! So that is when I started to get aggravated, and by the time I got what she was trying to tell me, we had past the turn up and instead of turning around we kept going till we realized that we were lost. With yelling from both of us and no patience it just wasn't a confidence boosting experience. During this time I realized that have road rage which is another thing I have to learn to control.

Then mamaw and I went into sonic, I got a little to close to the menu sign so I had to back up and pull in again when hitting the brake to stop I keep going and almost hit the other...

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