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Momomo Monolouge

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Character Monologue
It destroys me that they all come running up to me when they need someone to listen to them whine. They just carelessly suspect that I'm immune to sadness and depression. What they don't know is that I'm just like them. To them, I'm this person filled with joy and God knows nothing can drag me down. They assume I don’t have any troubles in my daily life, nope, all just rainbows and sunshine. They don't stop to consider that maybe all this depression surrounding me gets me down once in a while. No, how selfish of me, they've got their own problems to deal with first. They want to hear me say that everything will be okay, and that things really aren't as bad as they seem to be. You know, generic bullshit that’s on every page of social media. I’m having to listen to them ramble on about their crushes not liking them and their boyfriends not spending every minute of every hour of every fucking day with them. Maybe, it's my fault. I put on this front like I'm always so happy and cheery, so they naturally gravitate to the happiest person they can find within a mile radius. Maybe they're hoping a little bit of what’s left of my happiness will be passed onto them. Maybe they think that they'll be happier if they're like me. Oh, God. Stop me. I'm going on an ego trip again. But they wouldn't want this happiness spared onto them, it’s not happiness, quite the opposite. I can barely handle it anymore. People say that I'd make a good psychologist, and maybe they're right. But if it means dealing with all of this everyday, I don't think I would.

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