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If I won $1 billion, I would…

Money is an important aspect of everyday life, as the world is controlled by

money. Whenever I ask my parents for something regarding money, they always shout,

“No!” My parents always force me to work for anything I want, unless it is a need. If I

won $1 billion, I would fulfill my mom’s dream, help the less fortunate, and open a

restaurant. My mom’s dream is to buy a new house, and she describes her dream home

to be: big, pretty, and comfortable. I would let my mom have complete control of

designing the interior of the house. Next, I would help the less fortunate by providing

them with the everyday necessities of life. I would provide them with lots of food-

especially to the ones who haven’t eaten in days. I believe that the less fortunate deserve

a better life; however, I would only give my money to the respectful people in need.

Lastly, I have always wanted to open a restaurant in Venus, New York because of New

York’s wonderful atmosphere. I would serve spicy (Italian) wings and cheeseburgers.

My restaurant would be called, “Victoria’s Spice,“ as it would contain the best food in

the country. The restaurant would have a bar (filled with drinks [mostly apple juice]) on

the left side of my chef’s kitchen. The office of my room would contain books and

binders-specifically containing the paychecks of my workers. My workers would be well

trained; they would be polite to the customers. With this money, I would become more

relaxed because I wouldn’t have any stress on my mind. In conclusion, if I won $1

billion, I would help the less fortunate, open a restaurant, and fulfill my mom’s…...

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