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Salt & Molecules

P. 51
a. The solids that the particles are ions.
Ex. In sodium chloride, the sodium chloride ions are packed in a lattice and held by strong ionic bonds.

b. The solids that the particles are molecules.
Ex. An iodine molecule, the molecules are packed in a lattice, and held together by weak forces or covalent bond.

Is covalent Solids. Because all ions of sodium chloride are packed together in a lattice and held by strong ionic bonds. So when we mix the sodium and chlorine the compounds are very stable, they have full electron in their outer shells and has opposite charge. Because the ionic bonds are very strong. So it takes a lot of heat energy to break up the lattice and form a liquid. - oxygen - chlorine - water - naphthalene Because actually molecular substances are non metal and when they react together both of them need to gain electrons to reach full shells. They can manage this only by sharing electrons between them, there is a force of attraction to holding them together which call covalent bonds. Ex. - bromine - water - ethanol - ammonia

P. 53

Their outer electrons get separated from the atoms. The result is a lattice of positive ions in a sea of electrons. The ions are held together by their attraction to the electrons between them with the strong metallic bonds. Copper and iron a. high compressive strength it means that you have to compress the metal very hard before they deform. b. high tensile strength means, if you put the metal under a lot of tension before they stretch and break. c. Malleable means that most metals can be bent or hammered into a shape. d. Ductile means that metal can be dawn into wires. The grains in lead are so tightly packed. It usually called grains. Dislocation is designation for the grains in...

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