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Monica Lewinsky breaking the silence

‘’Of the cyberbullying related suicides in the last decade, 43% have occurred since Tyler sadly jumped from that bridge. And that’s not even including stats for last year.’’ Cyber bullying is a serious problem we have, which easily can lead to suicidal thoughts or even worse suicide. Monica Lewinsky finally speaks out on ending online abuse, after a decade of public silence.

The speech ‘’Monica Lewinsky breaking the silence’’ is a speech by Monica Lewinsky and was a speech she delivered at Forbes’ 30 under 30 summit conference in Philadelphia, and published in Forbes magazine, October 10th 2014. She tells us about her previous affair with president Bill Clinton. When their affaire became public, the scandal was known as the Lewinsky-scandal and had a very negative influence on Monica Lewinsky, which lead to public humiliation.

The receiver of the speech is young entrepreneur and achievers at the Forbes’ conference, and people who are interested in business, since Forbes is an American business magazine.

Monica Lewinsky’s intention with this speech was first of all to speak out about the story that had ruined her and her reputation back in the late 90’s. She also came forth and told her story to help others. She believes in the power of stories, that they can inspire, comfort, educate and help things for the better. By sharing her story, she wants to help others in their darkest moments of humiliation, and to do something about the culture of humiliation.

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