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Orrstown Financial Analysis Report
-----Pro forma forecasting


1 Intoduction 1 2 Balance Sheet Pro Forma 2 2.1 Asset Forecasting 2 2.2 Liabilities Forecasting 4 2.3 Equity 5 3 Income Statement Pro Forma 6 4 Statement of Cash Flow Pro Forma 11 5 Financial Ratios Pro Forma 12

Based on the former two analysis reports, this assignment focuses on forecasting financial statements for 2013-2017. Every subject in Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flow is predicted by using pro forma analysis. Before that, several assumptions are made for the convenience of forecasting. Furthermore, financial ratios for the upcoming five years are also calculated with the numbers provided in the three pro forma financial statements.

Key words: Pro forma, financial statements forecasting

1 Intoduction
The method that is using in this assignment is called pro forma financial analysis. Pro forma is the forecast financial statements based on either anticipated future events or potentially changing business performance in upcoming periods. This is in contrast to regular financial statements that are financial summaries on a business's past. Businesses use pro forma statements to assist in their planning activities, both short term and long term. Normally, a pro forma forecasting will cover three to five years into the future; and five-year pro forma can provide a fuller view into how a business might fare under various assumptions. The more accurate a pro forma is calculated, the better prepared a business may be in responding to future needs for resource allocation.

Before forecasting, a few assumptions need to be made to simulate future conditions. First of all, it is necessary to predict future sales. Sales are the most important element in making forecasts, because many other statement items, such as cost of goods sold

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