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Monopoly Assignment

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Name: Mitchell Scale Student ID: S2797900
1303AFE Economics for Decision Making 1
Semester 2 2011
Monopoly Assignment
(Total of 15 marks – 15% of course marks)
Due 5pm, Wednesday 5th October 2011 - Teaching Week 10

You must answer ALL parts of this assignment.
The Marks for each part are shown.

1. Submitting your assignment

You MUST submit a paper copy of your assignment on campus at the library. Your assignment must have a signed and completed Griffith University Individual Assignment Cover Sheet attached.

Because of this: a) electronic submission is NOT allowed. b) submission during tutorials is NOT allowed.

Why are these not allowed? Most importantly you receive a receipt from the library for your work, which protects you and also records the time and date of submission (late penalties apply). Electronic submissions also overload emails and easily be accidentally deleted.

2. Individual Assignment Cover Sheet

To download the cover sheet and get information about where to submit your assignment on campus: Log into the Griffith Portal, and click on “Student” in the menu on the left. You will see "Exams and Assessment" in the page that opens - click on the link to "Exams and Assessment" and then on “Submitting assignments".

3. Format of your assignment

1. All diagrams and illustrations in your assignment must be drawn by hand. Any diagrams that are not hand drawn will not be marked. 2. The discussion and explanation sections of your assignment can be either hand written or word processed. If hand-written they must be clear and legible. If you use a word processor to write the discussion and explanation sections, provided you leave spaces and draw all the diagrams by hand later in the printed copy.

4. Academic Integrity

1. It is your responsibility to read the information about plagiarism and academic...

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