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Monotheistic Religions

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Monotheistic Religions Over the years religion and political issues have coincided, one influencing the whole result of the other as it is evident presently. In line with this pattern, every day political decisions run parallel to the people's religious convictions. The results of the interaction between religion and politics can be seen reflected through the news and different media outlets. It should be noted that no nation has been spared of the effects of religious politics because religious legislative issues inside of a nation might significantly influence issues in another nation with a totally diverse point of view toward religion, governmental issues, and the issues being referred to. Thus, there is an ever-increasing need to make a global "analytic map of faith," with the capacity to adequately explain the location and influence of these religions on human behavior. Such map proves to be a significant tool to explain why a particular religion is associated with specific behaviors or actions. Religious beliefs are diverse across the globe. Although majority of people are of the belief in the presence of one supreme God (Monotheism) others believe that there are multiple gods. Another sect believes in no God at all (atheism). Owing to this diversity, setting up a global analytical map of faith proves to be a challenging task. Nevertheless, the three popular monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are a superb benchmark to set up the analytical map of faith. Three of the world's major religions -Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - were all conceived in the Middle East and are all inseparably connected to each other. Christianity was conceived from inside of the Jewish custom, and Islam created from both Christianity and Judaism. These three monotheistic religions all offer in like manner the conviction...

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