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Monsieur Loisel Character Analysis

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An ideal sought after husband in this world is often one with status. He is expected to have glorious fame or lavish fortune. However, the man with a loving and devoted character should be the most treasured. In The Necklace, by Guy de Maupassant, Monsieur Loisel is the loving husband of Mathilde Loisel. He never achieves an ideal status or accumulates any fortune, but is a very respectable man. Mr. Loisel’s humble, hardworking and loyal personality show that his type of character should be more appreciated in this world. Humility is apparent in Mr. Loisel by his unassuming attitude and simple desires. An example of Mr. Loisel’s appreciation of simplicity is most shown when he sits down to dinner and exclaims, “Ah, a good homemade beef stew! There’s nothing better,” (193). Mr. Loisel’s genuine excitement for a simple, yet tasteful dinner reveals his contentment with what he has. This is very unlike Mme. Loisel who, “visualizes elegant dinners with gleaming silver amid tapestried walls peopled by knights and ladies and exotic birds in a fairy forest/ she would think of exquisite dishes served on gorgeous china,” (193). Another example of Mr. Loisel’s humility is at the ball. Instead of partying all night and pushing the limit of capabilities like his wife, he accepts that his night of fun was over. He is found sleeping in a small, deserted sitting room at midnight. His wife on the other hand, stayed up for the whole party and left at four o’clock in the morning in a state of kef from her fantasy dream-like party. This shows that Mr. Loisel has the humility to know his limits. It was also portrayed throughout the story as if Mr. Loisel did not have any prized or lavish items. However, it did say that he has a sum of money saved up in the bank. This could be seen as Mr. Loisel being aware of the difference between want and future need. Mr. Loisel’s

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