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Montanna Mountain Biking

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Montana Mountain Biking
Kenneth Collins
Pensacola State College

Five Stages
The five stages of customer loyalty include awareness, exploration, familiarity commitment and separation. Now let’s look into each of these in detail. Awareness “Customers who recognize the name of the company or one of its products are in the awareness stage of customer loyalty. They know that the company or products exists, but have not had any interaction with the company (Schneider).” Exploration “potential customers learn more about the company or its products. The potential customer might visit the company’s web site to learn more, and the two parties will often communicate by telephone or email (Schneider).” Familiarity “customers who have completed several transactions and are aware of the company’s policies regarding returns, credits, and pricing flexibility are in the familiarity stage of their relationship with the company (Schneider).” Commitment “After experiencing a considerable number of highly satisfactory encounters with a company, some customers develop fierce loyalty or strong preference for the products or brands of that company (Schneider).” Separation “over time, the conditions that made the relationship valuable might change. The customer might be disappointed by changes in the level of service or product quality (Schneider).” Now based on the chart on page 186 let’s see which customers fall into place with the MMB corporation. First we can look at the awareness percentage which in my case I would give them a 5% of customers that know of the product because Jerry had ads in the magazines but did not get a turn around that he needed to make any profit. Then if we look at exploration he would see that 90% of his customers fall into this category because most of his customers are from out of state. After that we have Familiarity which 80 % of customers are in this…...

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The pure passion Farmer has for his line of work and those he helps is far more than others can imagine, bringing myself to believe that Paul Farmer is a genuine hero. Time and time again, Farmer put his own needs and wants aside. Rarely would Farmer stop his mission of serving others in order to serve himself. In Mountains Beyond Mountains, Farmer’s self-sacrificing lifestyle of living in Haiti eventually got to Famer, and he became ill with Hepatitis C, in effect forcing Farmer to take a vacation. Farmer claims, “That's when I feel most alive, when I'm helping people.” (Kidder 295), bringing forward to the reader that Farmer genuinely cares more about the people he helps more so than himself. Farmer’s mission of helping as many people as possible is made slightly more realistic by Partners in Health (PIH). PIH is an organization founded by Farmer himself, along with several others, whose goal is to bring healthcare to the poor. In Haiti, Zanmi Lasante was set up by the Partners in Health and worked towards fighting diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.......

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