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Mood In Flannery O 'Connor's What We Eat'

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The mood of the ending of the book was very sad and nice because.On page 335 it said.Mom was sobbing Matt managed to shake Mr.Danworths hand.Then just a litel bit lower it says.Mom can we eat tonight Jonny asked mom wiped her tears away and took a deep breath and smiled.Tonight we eat.and i think thats a real amosnal part because they got all of this food and they can eat and live.

Also the very ending was happy too because.All of them are happy way they got all of this food.And they can even live until all of this is over.Even mom doesn't have to worry about food because they get 4 bags of food every monday.Also they can get stronger because they go week because they were not eating like how much they were supposed to. Then they became...

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