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Executive Summary
At Moore Customs, we personalize cars to fit the customer’s eye. We specialize in Subarus, Toyotas, and Hondas. We offer a free test strip of road for our customer use only. Our main lobby is surrounded by glass so customers may view our progress. The more projects we have the harder we work.
Business description
Moore Customs is a new company that focuses on personalizing and customizing all types of cars, fitting the customers needs. Moore Customs will be a partnership, owned and operated by Garrett Moore and Alex Wolfe. This company will target all car enthusiasts with the idea of transforming their personal rides. Growth of this company will be prosperous since almost everyone has a car, which increases the chances of someone wanting custom work done. Several types of work will take place at Moore Customs, such as window tint, body paint, sound systems, custom performance, wheels, tires and suspension ect.
The primary objectives of Moore Customs over the next year are to:
• Obtain commercial financing of 100,000 to cover start up costs and initial operating expenses along with the necessary machinery. • Generate loyal clients by competing in local car shows to display our work. • Generate a net profit of $100,000 in the first year of operations by developing a strong client base and keeping overhead costs to a minimum.• Develop and create a company car as a marketing tool for possible clients to view on the road.


The advertising will expand mainly by work done on the company car and word of mouth. There are few full custom car shops in this area so competition is scarce. The target market for this company is all car owners but we will specialize in Subarus, Hondas, and Toyotas. This company will defeat the little competition by providing an 8th of a mile strip of test road for customers with tuned cars that wish to test their ride after performance work has been done. I know of no shop that provides this, so I think this will grab the attention of future customers. Pricing will be arranged on the spot, depending on the type of work needed to be done and how long it will take. Pricing for known products will be relatively close to what they normally sell for. The majority of our revenue will be based upon labor and custom work.
Research, design, and development

Several tools are needed for this kind of operation, but the basic and most needed items for the shop will include: three 2 post car lifts, three tire changers, two floor jacks, two or three air compressors, a large variety of car paint colors, all the necessary hand tools as well as power tools, two spray guns along with a separate spray booth, all the fabric needed, and a timer pillar that records the times for the 8th mile runs. The price range estimate for all materials needed will range from 20,000 to 25,000. Each section of the custom process will have a different garage such as engine, body, interior, and paint. Each garage will also have its own entrance and exit which will all end up connecting the test road. Good communication will be mandatory if there are test runs that day. The 8th of a mile test road will start inside the engine work garage so customers waiting on there car will have some entertainment if there is a test run taking place at that time. The test road will have about a hundred yards extra for the stopping distance and a skinny parallel road for turning around and easy exit. The main lobby will have windows on all side so every thing taking place can be seen except for the paint room.


Moore Customs will be built off of 61st and Elm, right by the Broken Arrow expressway. This location has advantages due to close by car dealerships that may want work done on used cars to make a larger profit on them. This spot is also near by the Broken Arrow High School which may draw the attention of kids that like personalizing their cars. The near by hospital will be very convenient since a lot of machinery will be present when working with vehicles. There are several new ventures and small businesses in this area so I believe it will be somewhat flowing with people especially with the near by bass pro shop.

Decision making will always be discussed and brought to the teams attention. We will begin paying our employees 10 dollars an hour to start out, and have about 15 employees. This hourly wage should be reasonable in order to cover the costs of everything else. We will have a lead manager for every department of work which will be totally in charge of the other employees. The managers will get paid 15 an hour. With four managers and 10 service agents, we will be paying out about 25 grand a year. We are looking to make at least 50,000 in the first year.

Critical Risks

With there being many risk factors we may hire a specialist that can analyze the factors more in depth and with better knowledge will bring a pain-free enviorment to us an all the employees. Below are some factors that may cause harm to this particular venture.
Legal/Intellectual Property (Patents, Copyrights, Etc.)
Building, Strengthening and Maintaining Brand
No operating history
Financial Projections (There’s lots here)
Supply Costs and many others

Solutions are very important for this company. When dealing with peoples cars, it must be done very professionally and with great care. When something occurs we will have backup plans for each project.
As a team, our milestone achievement is to reach 50 Projects a year. This would give us substantial numbers and help us perfect what we do at Moore customs.

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