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Moore House Construction

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Case Study 2
QSO 600: Operations Management
Southern New Hampshire University, College of Continuing Education
Professor Constant “CP” Craig

Robin L Reeves
October, 11 2015

Moore House Contractors have a strict deadline to meet in order to complete their previous arrangement with the real estate company, Countryside Realtors. Starting in late winter or early spring when the weather becomes moderate, Moore House is considering agreeing to complete a new home every 45 days building a total of 6 homes. Countryside has also decided to include a strict penalty if the contractors fail to deliver a home within the 45 day time period. Moore House has completed a time line of events in which they hope all homes will be completed. The contractors need to be confident they can complete the job within the allotted amount of time otherwise they are going to raise the bid on the building of the 6 houses in order to cover potential penalties. As of now, the penalty holds no exception to bad weather or unexpected delays. Moore House Contractors must now determine the scenario which will bring about the greatest length of time, if they should increase their bid to cover penalties, and determine which areas of the project may require more time and resources.
Construction groups must have clear deadlines with precise scheduling in order to complete projects in a timely fashion according to the agreed contract. While delays are to be expected and can hinder the progress of any project, in order to keep the client happy, a construction group must take these delays into consideration of the original contract. Moore House contractors is in the situation of determining a more distinct timeline in order to complete the agreement of building a home every 45 days with a total of 6 homes (i.e. 270 days to build 6 homes). While Moore is a very confident...

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