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Moral Leadership

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Does moral leadership matter?
MBA412-Fall, 2014


Contemporary Business Perspective and Leadership Skills

Table of Contents
Page # 1. Introduction 2. Basic concepts and analysis of Moral and Ethical Leadership 3. Definition of Concepts a. Defining Leadership b. Defining Moral Leadership 4. Current State of Knowledge a. Literature Review 5. Argument Map 6. Assumptions and Point of View by Stakeholders 7. Evaluation of Argument a. Wheel Of Critical Thinking b. Universal Intellectual standards Evaluation 8. Key Take-Away 9. Plan to enhance Moral leadership skills a. Plan Table 10. Bibliography 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12 14


Does moral leadership matter? In my opinion, yes it really does matter. Even if for high organization performance the leadership has to focus on high shareholder returns, but it should not solely focus on returns by compromising boundaries of morality. In this paper we will discuss whether moral leadership is crucial for an organization to be successful. First, we will define what moral leadership is and will discuss what are the standards of morality that needs to be maintained in a high performing organization. Then we will discuss whether the moral standards will be same for both personal and organization or they will be different. Then we will talk about the current state of knowledge of this topic and the implications and recommendations that we have found from our literature review. We will also evaluate our argument based on the Wheel of Critical Thinking and the Universal Intellectual Standards Evaluation. Finally, I will present a strategic plan to improve my moral leadership skills.

Section 1: Basic concepts and analysis of Moral and Ethical Leadership
According to our observation and analysis of literature review following can be inferred: • • •...

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