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The Moral
Leadership for a Free World
Lindsay J Thompson

Leadership Ethics Course Manual ~ © 2005 Lindsay J Thompson ~ All rights reserved


Leadership for a Free World

Table of Contents introduction page 5

core learning page 9

the leadership labyrinth page 11

the m oral com pass page 27

values and global value creation page 73

corporate citizenship page 93

bibliography page 109

the case lab page 113

Leadership Ethics Course Manual ~ © 2005 Lindsay J Thompson ~ All rights reserved


Leadership Ethics Course Manual ~ © 2005 Lindsay J Thompson ~ All rights reserved



Moral Leadership for a Free World
If you read a newspaper this morning, you almost surely read something related to morality, leadership, and freedom. From international relations to neighborhood and family life, concerns about leadership ethics and human welfare are the focus of news, political movements, and civic initiatives. Emotionally engaging terms like “moral leadership,” “the free world” and “human freedom” are often used in the media without much explanation or clarification. Momentous decisions are made and life choices established in the name of values attached to these and similar terms. What do we really mean by “moral leadership,” or “freedom?” If two people use these terms in a conversation, do they explicitly share a common understanding of them or just assume common ground? For instance, you might want to start such a conversation by thinking and talking about the difference between “the free world” and “a world of free individuals.” What would be the implications of the difference between those two phrases? What would be the moral implications for leaders striving to achieve both visions of freedom?
Americans generally agree that freedom is a basic value protected in…...

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