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Moral Systems

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Moral Systems
A workable set of standards for morality should always include several assumptions. Among these assumptions is that it should be rational, and not without emotion. It should also be as logical as possible. Stability and consistency are also important factors. These ideas should also pertain to all individuals. Because these are beliefs, these ideas should also be taught. Whether or not people grasp the idea, the moral theory should be discussed and be able to be understood. The last requirement of a workable set of standards is it must be able to resolve issues, duties, and obligations among the people. There should be an explanation how individuals can choose the action that will be most moral. Ethics are moral principles that govern an individual or group’s behavior. It is a philosophical treatment of the moral order. The two different approaches to ethics include scientific or philosophical. The sources of ethics stem from experience, as well as principles taught through discipline. For example most parents teach you from the start it is wrong to hurt others, steal, lie, etc. Many people are also influenced through theology. For example, “Thou shall not kill”, this is the sixth commandment in the Bible’s Old Testament at Exodus, Chapter 20. Even though there has been an effort to make morality independent of religion, many religions include basic moral principles. There is a natural law when it comes to ethics. “Do good and avoid evil”, “Lead a life regulated according to reason”, so on and so forth. With those types of ideas being the base, a workable moral system can grow from there. The greatest influences on my personal views of my own moral standards come from experience. Not to say my parents didn’t play a major role, as they taught me the basics of being a decent member of society. I started to form my own moral standards as my...

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