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More Ants, More Audits by Jennifer Galang
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RUMMAGING through heaps of paper, I unexpectedly found a copy of my article, "Ants and Audit," which told my experiences with my first tax season as an auditor. Just a few months after it got published, here I am -- still a soldier ant working for the biggest auditing firm in the country -- getting down and dirty with working papers that desperately needed filing. Living my dream? Hmmm… let me see.

As a child, I never dreamt to become an auditor. I don't think I even had an idea what an auditor was. I always wanted to be a teacher but I took up accounting because a number of my relatives were already CPAs. Thinking I could be both, a few months ago I tried teaching part-time. From my three-month experience as a teacher, I realized that the thrill I got from teaching was very different from auditing -- finding out that I have learned more than I have taught, changing a student's life with a number written in the course card, reliving my college life all over again from a much different perspective. Describing it would need another article of 1, 200 words. So in a nutshell, teaching is stressful, yes, yet it was undeniably fulfilling.

I loved teaching but I had to quit because busy or no busy season, auditing is a demanding full-time job. Maybe someday I would teach full-time and leave auditing completely. But for now, in all honesty, I have no complaints about auditing.

I have made wonderful, caring friends in the firm. I am learning so much from the sessions of training I go through and from my everyday experiences. My bosses are great. They are what bosses should be -- leading but knowing how to listen, friendly but knowing where to draw the line, teaching yet eager to learn, even smiling in the eve of a deadline. Not to mention that I just received a salary increase.

In all honesty, I am...

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